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Bryn Mawr is Welsh for big hill, but not a hill in Pennsylvania. It is named for a town in South Wales. A man named Rowland Ellis named his farm Bryn Mawr in 1683. His farm consisted of eight hundred acres and he built a two-story stone mansion on it. 

Eventually, financial difficulties caused him to sell his house to Richard Harrison along with seven hundred eighteen acres of his farm. The farmer changed the name of it to Harriton. Rowland Ellis had an uncle with adjoining land that would eventually become Bryn Mawr College and the Baldwin School.

In 1857 the Pennsylvania Railroad bought all of the land surrounding their new “Main Line” route. The roads Lancaster Pike & Montgomery Avenue in Humphreyville marked the borders of the railroad’s new land. In 1869 the station here was named Bryn Mawr.

Influential and notable people flocked to the area and soon over three hundred residents had moved in. During this time they started to stay year round instead of vacationing here, transforming the flavor of the area. The demand for exceptional schools and shops brought in the best and brightest. Soon health care services flourished and prestigious names poured into the area. In 1885 a new College for women was started on Ellis’s land. 

Bryn Mawr College is the first women’s college to offer a PHD program. In 1921 when women started to join the workforce, Bryn Mawr started a summer school for women workers in the industry. Later the school became known for its Social Economic and Social Research studies. The local program was the first in the United States to offer a PHD in the field and even opened the program to men for a Co-Ed graduate program by 1931.

Hutchinson’s skilled contractors are also highly trained and educated. Our local air conditioning and heating contractors receive one hundred hours of additional training every year on top of our rigorous and extensive programs. That is why we are considered expertly better. We are HVAC and plumbing specialists, and you can feel free to ask us any questions about any of your equipment and systems, no matter which brand names they are. 

We are also the local company known for providing the third highest amount of Completed Energy Star Projects in the country. That means we work with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program to bring local homes to their utmost efficiency. The result is equipment that runs exceptionally well and keeps your home more comfortable than ever while lowering your carbon footprint.

Call Hutch today for a professional audit of how your homes HVAC and plumbing systems are functioning. If you get an Energy Star Home Audit we will check every detail of your insulation, ductwork, appliances and anything else that may affect your home’s energy. You will get a detailed report with recommendations for a full Energy Star rating.

For a non-audit visit, with any little repair or maintenance services, we always give you a detailed report as well. We will let you know what you need to get things working again, as well as what can wait until later when it is more convenient for you. Hutchinson’s also offers financing options for heating, air conditioning, and plumbing work. You will know everything we plan to do before we start, and never have any surprises from our expert contractors.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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