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Broomall, PA is a community with just under 11,000 residents located in Marple Township. Named for John Martin Broomall, who served in the U.S. Congress from 1863 to 1869. The earliest inhabitants of the region were the Lenni Lenape Indians, who used these grounds for hunting and fishing. In 1683, Quakers from Cheshire, England were the first settlers to arrive in Delaware County.

Seeking a new way of life away from the religious persecution they faced in New England, they fell in love with this beautiful, plentiful place. Francis Stanfield, Jonathon Hayes, and John Howell were the earliest purchasers in what would later become Marple Township. Stanfield had a daughter who’d been born in Marpool, England, and according to some historians, that is where they name Marple stems from.

The Thomas Massey House, one of the oldest English Quaker homes in Pennsylvania, is located in Broomall. Massey was born in Cheshire, England and was an indentured servant to Francis Stanfield. After he worked off his debt to Stanfield for bringing him to America, he received fifty acres from Stanfield and an additional fifty acres from William Penn. The home was built in 1696 and today is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

When the Revolutionary War came to the area, the Quakers of Marple had taken an oath to avoid conflict, as it was against their faith. Because of this, both the Continental and British armies raided their plantations, which suffered great losses of food, livestock, and goods. No conflicts were ever fought within city limits here. The reputation for not aiding the war effort may have lingered for the early Quaker settlers.

Post-Civil War, as the industrial revolution began to expand, Marple did not reap any of the benefits. As it wasn’t on a major water supply line, like the Delaware River, most of the manufacturing and industry passed them by. However, in the 20th century, when rail was introduced to the suburbs, and the trend began to turn around. Marple saw its largest period of development after World War II after the improvements to roads and transportation.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing Services are well known to the residents of Broomall. Our expertly better local contractors have been coming here since the new homes were built. We started our services in 1948, about the same time as Broomall gained in its local population. Today’s residents will be equally impressed with Hutchinson’s contractors.

We provide an expertly better audit service or an official Full Energy Star Program Audit for the EPA’s Energy Star program. We can check and see if your insulation is making your upper floors leak costly heating and air conditioning. We can check the air flow and the seals on in your home to make sure you aren’t overtaxing your HVAC equipment for something that can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of new heating and air conditioning units. We can also do an Energy Star Home Audit and check every aspect of your home for efficiency.

With the right ductwork, appliances and total HVAC maintenance you may qualify for an Energy Star Rating by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Call one of our expertly better plumbing contractors today if you have any issues at all. We will hurry out for a simple drippy faucet and get your home running perfectly in no time. Call Hutch 24/7.

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