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Brookhaven is a charming borough that is equidistant to Center City Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. Once a thriving farming community, Brookhaven has since turned into a popular suburb to raise a family. For the first two hundred and fifty years of its development, farming was the heart of their economy, as well as two thriving mills on Chester and Ridley Creek.

Originally part of the land grant to William Penn from King Charles II of England, the granted land was divided into municipal districts, with Brookhaven initially being included with Chester Township. In the 1900’s most of the farms were consolidated under the ownership of John Price Crozer, but after his death the farms were sold off to developers. 

Brookhaven was incorporated on April 4, 1945. At the time there were one hundred fifty homes with six hundred seventy-two people residing in the municipality. A trolley stop was built in 1938, which connected Brookhaven to Media and Chester. In 1945 the tracks were removed, and a road was put in its place.

Brookhaven has experienced a modest population growth over the past sixty years. With that has come the modern conveniences of the time, like popular chain establishments. The suburb is home to Cambridge Shopping Center, which opened in 1972, and is a popular spot for residents to get their day-to-day needs. Families with school children are serviced by the Penn-Delco School District. Sun Valley High School, home of the Vanguards, compete in the Ches-Mont League, although the ice hockey team is not sponsored by the school, it is a beloved part of the town.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing has been providing local services in this area since 1948, when two brothers decided to help their neighbors with engineering services. Now we call these specialties HVAC and plumbing, but the customers need for comfort has not changed. Over seven decades we have learned the exact needs of our local area and provide the best, most economical services to meet the needs of our fourth generation of repeat customers. The newspapers and some big corporations give us awards and have deemed us “expertly better” and we take pride in earning that title every day we work.

One of the things our repeat customers appreciate about our expertly better contractors, is that we take time to care just a little bit more. We show up for our heating and air conditioning calls with courtesy and a smile. If you are already having a rough time with your heating, air conditioning or plumbing, we are there to make it better, never worse.

Our local contractors provide a written, detailed report before we start to let you know which services we will do, and the exact cost. We don’t give any surprises. You know up front. We also do a quick check of things that will help your plumbing and HVAC work better but can wait until a later date. We will only list the exact things that must be done immediately for your safety and to get you running again, and let you decide when the other services can fit into your budget.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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