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Bristol, PA sits twenty-three miles northeast of the heart of Philadelphia and is a cultural hub for Lower Bucks County. The community focuses on continued renovations and street beautification projects to offer their residents a high quality of life. Originally inhabited by the native Delaware People, the land was founded by Samuel Clifton after receiving a land grant from the Governor of New York on March 14, 1681. Named after Bristol, England, Bristol, PA predates Philadelphia.

This town was vital to the development of the American Industrial Revolution as it was the terminus city of the Delaware Canal. This provided fuels to Philadelphia and gave the town access to mineral resources from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York. Bristol’s origins are deeply rooted in textile mills, foundries, and milling. 

During World War I, the town’s docks served as shipyards for the construction of merchant’s vessels. After the war, shipping declined and one of the areas that had been devoted to ship construction was converted to building amphibious planes. In October of 2000, a prominent official announced that the old shipyards would be developed into waterfront residential units. The waterfront is still an important part to Bristol culture, hosting cultural festivals celebrating Italian, Latino and African American heritage. The Bristol Waterfront Park is home to concerts, fishing, dining, and other outdoor activities.

It’s the focus on culture and quality of life that give locals a great sense of community. While the town honors its history, it also focuses on creating a fertile environment for small business to grow and residents a hometown to be proud of. That is part of the reason Hutchinson’s local contractors like to provide our heating and AC services here. Another part is simply because we like helping local people who need us.

If you need a plumber in the middle of the night, just call. We are ready to work 24/7 and will be there with a smile and courtesy. We have built a reputation for being fair and honest over the last seventy years, in which we have been in business. That is a long time to keep our repeat customers, some in their fourth generation like our family business is. We take pride in that and live up to our “expertly better” reputation, every time.

When our local HVAC contractors show up for your services, we will check several things. We see what must be done to get you running again. We do a quick safety check while we work, for toxins, gas leaks, asbestos hazards, wiring, mold, just anything dangerous for your family. We check if anything can be done quickly to improve your efficiency, and we let you know our future recommendations.

On your written report you will see these things outlined, and we will let you know what can easily wait until later when the heating and AC has room in the budget to be done. Every cost will be in writing before we do any work. If it’s an unexpected major repair, we also offer financing. Our expert HVAC contractors are highly skilled in making your systems run so efficiently, some people can qualify for an Energy Star rating. We are certified to do official EPA Energy Star Program audits. Call Hutch, a plumber will come out right away!

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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