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Bridgeton, NJ sits on both sides of the Cohansey River. The tides of this river run high or low along with the Delaware Bay, and it winds through the wetlands and provides easy shipping with the Atlantic Seaboard. The Nanticoke, a branch of the Lenni Lenape Native Americans had a permanent village here and named the river. Their village worked as their own type of Southern New Jersey County Seat, providing a hunting and fishing trading base for neighboring and seasonal Lenni Lenape camps. The workings of the area have remained consistent for hundreds of years.

In 1686 a sawmill was erected on the river, and with it came the first European settlers. 

John Fenwick’s land was granted to him in 1618, but it was first used here by his Surveyor General, Richard Hancock, who saw the potential of this place and built the mill.

In 1716 a bridge was built and with it came a small village of ten homes called Cohansey Bridge. Nearby another village called Greenwich had a port and a more established population and in 1748 court was held there. Cohansey Bridge initially served the waterways and land crossings to the Port of Greenwich.

In the same year, an election was held, and the villagers in Greenwich did not bother to show up at the polls because they assumed they had already won the bid for the courthouse. The villagers of Cohansey Bridge did vote, and the courthouse and jail were confirmed to be built in their town, to everyone’s surprise. So the small hamlet became the county seat of the newly formed Cumberland County on the same day in 1748.

The town had become known as Bridgetown and was officially renamed to Bridge-town in 1765. Legend says that it changed to Bridgeton in 1816 when the Cumberland Bank made a printing error that went uncorrected. The 1800s brought great industry to Bridgeton. There were ironworks and a nail factory that served the nation. There were several glass works, due to the perfect soil conditions here. There were sewing factories, machine works and many manufacturing plants that sprang from the others. There was also agriculture. The town was successful and it kept operating, becoming known as the most prosperous city in New Jersey Post Civil War. In 1845 it was officially deemed a township.

After the Civil War, many freed blacks settled here with plentiful work available. Immigrants from Italy and Germany came as well to join the Dutch, English, and Welsh, and the Indigenous Delaware population was still abundant. This created a melting pot for the American Dream.

By the 1880’s Bridgeton became known for its excellence in education and great schools. Some townspeople were so successful mansions dotted the horizon. The ironworks closed in 1899 and the land preserved as a public area, which is now home to one of New Jersey’s largest urban parks and the oldest free public zoo in NJ. It’s also home to the largest Historic District on the National Registry in NJ, with over two thousand two hundred places listed. Today Bridgeton also has a cultural center for the remaining population of 12,000 Nanticoke people still in the area.

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