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Birmingham, NJ is a small community. It has its own post office established in 1868, which also serves surrounding towns. There once was a big beautiful Inn that hosted travelers from the railroad, and before that it was home to two saw mills. Today there are thirty-three residents.

There may be only thirty-three people as of the 2010 census, but every single one of these residents are important to us at Hutchinson’s! Our contractors will provide you in Birmingham with the same quality services as our customers in a huge city would get. Your heating and air conditioning will always be running at peak efficiency if you are using our maintenance services.

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One of our main goals at Hutchinson is serving our customers to their complete satisfaction. Your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs will be met because of our dedication. Our plumber’s aim is to keep our customers satisfied and returning year after year. That is what has kept our extended family in business for seventy years. Remember for when you need a plumber and for your HVAC services.

A reputation must be built, and Hutchinson has a solid “expertly better” reputation that we exceed and strive to keep with every customer. We keep up to date with our training and consistently develop new ways to keep your systems running at their peak. Give us a call and see for yourself.

Bordered by Pemberton and South Hampton, Birmingham, NJ still contains forests, and the Rancocas Creek passes through it. There is a very large chemical plant tucked away in the forest that provides a lot of work for the surrounding areas. It does have an Environmental Protection Agency clean up and investigation for ground water contamination, but the soil and air quality has met acceptable standards. Ask us about water pump sanitation if your home uses a pump or septic system.

The chemical company in Birmingham was known for reverse osmosis products which are a great future investment for water purification but has many other products. It also had an out of use open pit mine and a water treatment plant on site. If something is shown contaminate the Rancocas river because of this plant, the Bayer corporation is going to clean it up.


Hutchinson has the official credentials to operate using the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. This is a program run by the department of environmental protection to keep homes running more efficiently and to have them stay green long into the future. You can have a typical inspection during one of Hutchinson’s routine service calls, or you can schedule an energy audit.

This is a “whole system approach”, where we consider all aspects that affect your home energy use. You’ll find hidden opportunities for energy savings and improved air quality in your home. We can recommend entire units to find all of the thermal leaks and prevent any more energy waste.

Hutchinson is proud of our service contractors, and we keep them busy learning the newest technology and HVAC techniques. Our people are second to none, and that is why we are considered “Expertly better” than other service providers in our local area. You can be sure our employees will arrive on time and with a smile while fixing your problems the right way, the first time.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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