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Beverly. NJ was named for Beverly England. It had a strong historical part in the American revolution. Hutchinson’s is proud to take care of the HVAC and plumbing needs of this port city. In 1695, this place was called Dunks Ferry. A well-known story is that Washington crossed the Delaware upstream from Trenton, to win a key revolutionary war battle on December 25, 1776.

The original plan was to cross the river in three places, North, South and West of the camp. With diversions from the South at Dunk’s Ferry, the Hessian camp was planned to be distracted and divided. The hired army of German forces were celebrating Christmas as two thousand, four hundred troops crossed with Washington ten miles North of Trenton to attack simultaneously from above.

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Unfortunately, the troops who crossed at Dunk’s Ferry were hindered by thick ice that destroyed many of their boats and many men died. Only six hundred men under the lead of General Cadwalader made the crossing there, but their artillery did not. They waited in sleet and rain for hours. They were ordered back across the treacherous river although they wanted to continue on and fight.

The brave soldiers at Dunk’s Ferry were expected to continue the cause if Washington did not prevail, luckily that wasn’t the case. Many of those brave men made it back to their Pennsylvania camp with frostbite and exhaustion. They would have loved to have our heating services that day. Luckily you can use them to heat your home and use our AC services in the summer too.

Though not hailed as the tipping point of the war, Dunk’s Ferry continued operate to be a major river crossing point for a few hundred years. The little town around the Ferry was called Churchville in the 1830’s. The addition of steamboats in 1847 increased the traffic and put the town on the map, naming it Beverly one year later, then incorporating it to an official borough in 1850. They changed it from a borough to Beverly City in 1857. Soon came the railroad and a station that was widely used as a busy hub between New York City and Philadelphia.


The Civil war also made a mark here in Beverly, NJ. The Union troops used it as a first aid destination and utilized their hospitals to take care of the wounded soldiers. They even added a military cemetery here in 1864. It now has over 50,000 buried there and is listed as an official historic place. That is a lot of history for a small city of only 0.78 square miles of land. Hutchinson’s local contractors are familiar with all of it and can send a plumber to help if an emergency should arise 24/7! We can take care of your HVAC units with a full-service repair or just charge your AC.

Now Beverly is home to over two thousand five hundred people and is still considered a central travel hub for Philadelphia and New York. Today you can us the Riverline that connects to Patco or travel NJ Route 130 like our local contractors use to provide our services here.

Our contractors hold certifications and are industry leaders in providing your heating, plumbing and air conditioning services. We at Hutchinson are experts and take pride in our professionalism and dedication to getting the job done correctly, the first time. Call us for any type of work you need, big or small, we have the right personnel to handle your service.

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