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Barnegat, NJ was first seen as an inlet in 1609, and in turn, was named Barende-gat which means inlet with breakers. It wasn’t changed to the current spelling until mapmakers had a problem and made it easier. Prior to the Dutch visit of Henry Hudson, the Lenni Lenape People, aka Delaware Tribe visited this area seasonally to make use of the clams, for thousands of years. They gathered and ate the clams, but they also made their money, their currency out of the shells. They called their money Wampum. A Wampum sash was given to William Penn in friendship with the Delaware People.

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Nearby there are tales of the “great swamp” where men made a living with wetland’s cedar wood, building ships that were used for whaling. Whaling was a major early industry along the coastline here. The original European settlers were in these professions and more in 1720. The very first farmhouse in the area belonged to the Collins farm. The first official purchase of land was of five hundred acres by Levi Cranmer and Timothy Ridgway. The oldest building in Barnegat today is the Friends Meetinghouse, built by Quakers in 1767.

By 1782, the Revolutionary war had reached the town of Barnegat, today it is memorialized as the “Affair at Cedar Bridge”. The fight happened after the war was over, but the local people still had issues and their loyalties were split. There were still loyalists to the crown, and there were new loyal patriots. Both lived here, on edge.

The Burlington militia was looking for John Bacon, a refugee and outlaw terrorist to the local landscape. There was a price on his head of fifty pounds. At Cedar bridge, bacon and associates confronted and killed several state troops. Captain Stewart resolved to end the reign of Bacon and his crew, and eventually killed him in a tavern.


Today all of that is history and the community is a quiet seaside town, with ample parks for recreation and sports for the local children to participate in. There are farmers markets weekly, fishing, camping, and no trip is complete without visiting the Barnegat lighthouse. Hutchinson’s local contractors love to take calls to come to Barnegat and take in some sea air while helping the nice people who live here with their HVAC.

Heating and air conditioning is important to your family, and Hutchinson’s family business of expertly better plumbing and HVAC specialists can ensure your home is running efficiently and comfortably. We have been in business since 1948, and our repeat customers continue to grow. We are very proud to keep so many residents of Barnegat happy and make sure their HVAC is safe and maintained. We do seasonal maintenance, repairs, installations, and emergency work.

Hutchinson’s contractors are available at your convenience, any time you want an appointment, we will work to your schedule. We are ready to save the day 24/7. If you need plumbing services or have an emergency, we are just a phone call away. We’ll show up with a smile and are always courteous and clean. We respect your home and your property and will never leave a mess behind. Your heating and air conditioning will never run better than with us taking care of it. Call today and see why Hutchinson’s services are expertly better.

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