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Bala Cyn Wyd is the home of Buck Rogers and American icon. Buck had hover crafts and robot armies that used radar to locate their enemies. In the 1920’s this creative artist, Philip Francis Nowlan had ideas that were way ahead of his time and that sums up Bala Cyn Wyd very well, ahead of its time. From fancy emerging theaters to beautiful new homes with modern comforts, every step of the way Bala Cyn Wyd seems to be a little ahead of the pack.

The very first inhabitants of Bala Cyn Wyd were the Unami tribe of the Lenape People. Unami meant “down river people”, they call it Netopcum. The Schuylkill River was called Ganonoshwanna. City Ave crosses there now.

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Later it was granted to William Penn and he created Pennsylvania. Settlers purchased five thousand acres and began to colonize. They were Quakers seeking asylum from persecution and came from a place near Bala and the city of Cyn Wyd near Marionethshire, Wales.

The energy started to peak in 1884 when the Schuylkill Valley Division of the railroad came through from Philadelphia which was six miles from center city. It was a short commute. It took a couple of decades to grow into a thriving borough, but it offered new residents clean pure water and air, country spoils along with every city amenity like electricity, lighted streets, the newest plumbing and telephone service. Who could ask for more in 1913?

Hutchinson’s Plumbing wasn’t around during this great build up but we do take care of many of the existing homes from this booming time period. We know just how to deal with those original pipes, our plumbers can repair or replace the plumbing without reducing the charm of the property one bit. We can fix a plumbing emergency in a 1913 pipe as easily as a 2018 pipe.

The 1913 train station was named Bala, a place in Wales, which is interesting because the founder of the area had named it after another town in Wales, Pencoyd. He sailed here in 1683, cleared the area and started to farm it. The land continued as lush farmland for about two hundred years.


In between the Wales namesakes, it was also called “Academyville” in 1813, after a school on a hill. It was the first public school in Montgomery County. The community was called “Bowman’s Bridge” in 1832 when the railroad first traveled nearby with the Main Line, and then “Merionville” after the railroad moved and the bridge was taken down. Rumor has it gypsies started a circus there.

Within seven years, by 1920 Bala had a police force, fire department, a library, social clubs and entertainment centers. Cyn Wyd was another close by train station. Bala and Cyn Wyd were two towns that merged and became the place to be. The city grew dramatically and eventually dropped the “and”.

Today this beautiful town has everything, business, shopping, great food and great people. Unfortunately, all that great stuff comes with occasional plumbing and HVAC issues. Hutchinson is here to save the day. We can take care of your heating and air conditioning needs. Our local contractors are experts and fully trained to take care of every HVAC repair or maintenance services you require. If you have a heating or air conditioning emergency day or night, don’t hesitate to call one of our local contractors. We are ready 24/7 and always arrive with a smile and courtesy. Our services are also guaranteed, so we do it right the first time.

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