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Avalon is nestled on Seven Mile Island in Cape May County. The town’s slogan, “Cooler by a Mile,” refers to its position one mile farther into the Atlantic than other barrier islands in the state. When you’re here, you may feel like you’re a hundred miles away from the busier beach towns. The Washingtonian has named Avalon the “chicest beach” in the mid-Atlantic and has been ranked amongst the top 10 beaches in New Jersey.

Hutchinson enjoys coming back here season after season. We have a great clientele here who we keep comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. Our local HVAC contractors know just how to keep these grand home’s air conditioning and heating operating at optimum efficiency. We also do many seasonal calls here, to have a plumber winterize the house after the season or to open everything up for Summer fun.

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Avalon’s beautiful beaches are backed by stately dunes and fronted by large, well-spaced homes that give the feel of an exclusive private enclave with fine dining and a unique shopping district with one-of-a-kind stores. Water lovers can experience great waves for lots of adventures or, if staying on land suits you, there are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and world-class bird watching.

The history of Avalon dates back to the Lenni Lenape Native Americans who made use of the thriving juniper forest that were once here. In 1722, the land was purchased by Aaron Leaming, whose family retained ownership over the next 100 years. During this time, the island functioned as a cattle range and was harvested for its timber.

The Leamings sold their place, and the island went through multiple owners before it was turned into a resort town in 1893. The native juniper forest was cut down and sandy hills were leveled off, making the island mostly flat and attractive for passing boats. According to urban legend, pirates allegedly buried their bounty on the island and legendary explorer, Henry Hudson, dropped anchor offshore in the area.PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

In 1890, the Commonwealth ship, piloted by Captain W.S. Willets, was en route from New York City to Philadelphia. Due to inclement weather, the ship strayed off course and ran aground in Townsend Inlet. While most of the crew was rescued and the cargo salvaged, the ship began to come apart in the waves and much of its remains washed ashore and was grabbed by Avalon’s early residents.

Today, the quiet, upscale town of Avalon depends on the outstanding HVAC services of Hutchinson’s to ensure that their families are comfortable and happy in their homes. Over 1,300 people live here year-round using our heating services, and that number more than doubles in the warm seasons when Hutchinson takes care of air conditioning and plumbing services. Give us a call and our local contractors will handle anything that may need a plumber, and your HVAC systems, while you have a great time in Avalon.

Avalon boasts a one-half mile boardwalk with various attractions. Visitors are treated to an arcade, pizzeria, and ice cream parlor. The area also offers locals and tourist a variety of highly reviewed restaurants, shopping, recreational areas, and seasonal outdoor concerts.

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