Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services in New Castle County, DE

The state of Delaware is not the largest, but it is historically full of important events that helped shape the nation, there are only three counties in the state, and New Castle is the most populous, though it is smaller than the other two counties in size. New Castle is the first County ever named in Delaware, which was the country’s first State. Before Europeans first sailed for the shores here, there were two major groups of Native Americans who shared this land. They were the Lenni Lenape in the Northern part of the state, and the Nanticoke on the southern half.

European history here goes back to 1631 when the Dutch came to a place they called Zwaanendael, (Swan-dale) meaning the valley, at what we call Lewes today. The Swedish settled Fort Christina in 1638, causing a conflict. The conflict was short lived, and Fort Christina became the permanent placeholder of what would turn into Wilmington.

In the 1640’s Queen Christina ruled from abroad, and deemed the area “New Sweden”. The Swedish won over the Dutch settlement partly due to their agreement with the native people, who then, later in 1651 made a new deal with settlers from the Netherlands. They built Fort Casimir, which is New Castle now. The Swedes, in turn, made a new deal with the Lenape people and overtook Fort Casimir, and ejected them, along with the Dutch from all of what is now New Castle County.

The whole situation reversed again and the three settlements reclaimed by the Dutch and Netherlands, and this continued until England laid claim to the entire Delaware River area in 1663. Within a year, the Duke of York, armed with a land grant from his king, removed the settlers of New Amsterdam, or New Amstel, as they called it. He gave it the name New Castle. Though the name is still with us today, the battle ensued for years and the Dutch reclaimed New Amstel and it wasn’t until 1674 when the issue was settled, and the name New Castle stuck.

Today there are over five hundred fifty thousand residents here. New Castle County is the most populated in the state. It is no wonder the early settlers fought over this place, it is abundant is so many ways. When Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC vehicles pass through this beautiful countryside with its thriving cities we are proud to be called to take care of the people here.

The residents in New Castle County have been counting on Hutchinson’s plumbers and expert repair contractors for several decades. We are in our seventieth year of heating and air conditioning services in the local area. We have maintenance plans for all of the HVAC equipment we service.

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