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National Park, NJ is a borough nestled on the east bank of the Delaware River, just across from Southwest Philadelphia. With a population of just over 3,000 residents, this small community is steeped in American Revolutionary War history. Despite the name, the town is neither a national park or associated with one.

In 1777, General George Washington commanded the Continental Army to construct two forts on the Delaware River to block the approach of enemies to Philadelphia with Fort Mifflin on the Pennsylvania side, and Fort Mercer, now National Park, on the NJ side of the river bank. In October of the same year, an attack by nine hundred German Hessian Troops at the Battle of Red Bank was staved off by Continental defenders. As well, in October of that year, another British attack took place at Fort Mifflin. After a heavy assault from British forces, the American troops abandoned Fort Mifflin on November 15, 1777. Fort Mercer suffered the same fate three days later when two thousand British troops landed nearby.

The James and Ann Whitall House, built in 1748 by the affluent Quakers, is a popular historical destination. Built on the grounds that would later become Fort Mercer, the Whitall’s remained through the war. Ann is recorded to have been sitting at her spinning wheel when a cannonball tore through their home. Unfazed, she simply moved her work to the cellar to continue. After the Battle of Red Bank, the Whitall’s home operated as a field hospital for soldiers on both sides of the battle lines. The family continued to occupy the home for generations and it now serves as a museum.

The diversity of the homes is one of the things our Hutchinson plumbers love about coming to National Park. Hutchinson’s has been offering plumbing services in this area for seventy years. We don’t date back as far as the history here does, but we do date as far back as 1948. Hutch is expertly better at heating and air conditioning issues. We can troubleshoot an old home and find out exactly why it is ten degrees hotter on the second floor, when the ac is meant to be centralized and the same everywhere. Our contractors are HVAC specialists.

Hutchinson’s plumbers win awards for being expertly better. If you have a leak or want a new faucet installed, give us a call. We will have a plumber come 24/7 for an emergency or schedule a visit at your convenience for any of our services. Our HVAC contractors are specially trained to be expertly better and know all of the heating and air conditioning systems by brand.

Our experts receive additional training constantly to keep themselves up to date on all of the newest HVAC technologies. In fact, our contractors are required to do an additional minimum of one hundred hours of training every single year after our initial process. There is a lot to know, and we know it. Our services will keep your family comfortable and running efficiently.