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Gladwyne, PA began as a mill-town called Merion Square. Merion Square was settled by Quakers in 1682. It changed its name in 1891 to Gladwyne. The name Gladwyne was made up by the Pennsylvania Railroad when it installed the “Main Line” trains to run through and stop at Mill Creek. Passengers were too confused because so many nearby towns had the same Merion name. The name Gladwyne was contrived to sound like other local Welsh settled villages nearby to be consistent, though the word has no meaning there.

The Merion Square historic area still looks much like it did way back when it was the first town in Lower Merion Township. The oldest home here is lovingly called the 1690 house by locals. The house was actually built around 1684 as an enlargement of the first log home here by John Roberts, a Quaker who helped establish the first mill among the plentiful falls. By the 1900’s there were twenty four mills along Mill Creek. The mills have crumbled into history but you can still see old fragments of them along the waterside.

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Mill Creek is now listed as a historic district that contains historic homes from each century. These include a store nicknamed the “War house” Where they recruited soldiers for the war of 1812, and also what is now The Old Guard House Inn, originally the Merion Square Hotel. The square has remained used but seems untouched by the modern times.

Eventually, nearby King of Prussia became a major business attraction, and Philadelphia grew into a bigger, bustling city. The construction of the Schuylkill Expressway brought residents to Gladwyne by droves. It was the half way point on the major through way and a perfect place to make a home with a short commute to either crowded destination. A modern town grew around the historic district, but didn’t affect it. Gladwyne offers its residents the best of both old and new worlds.

Today the town of Gladwyne remains unincorporated, and has not sprawled to immense populations like other Main Line towns have. That is in part due to the preservation of space, and donated lands that have been handed down with specific rules. There are still farms and colonial developments here.

Some land, one hundred eighty five acres to be exact, is deed restricted. The lots range between three and seventeen acres that cannot be split up by developers. The Lower Merion Conservancy has the task of making sure the town keeps its natural qualities. In return for their restrictions, the residents get to keep the quaint charm, and with it the land values. In 2018, Gladwyne was ranked the sixth richest zip code in the United States by Bloomberg Business Week.


Hutchinson Plumbing is glad to do business here with these 4,000 lucky residents of this fine historic town. We provide the best heating and air conditioning services in the local area, and we have seventy years of practice in respect and courtesy for our customers to go along with it. Hutchinson’s services always respect the preservation of historic homes, as well as green spaces.

Our contractors are ranked third in the country for having completed the most Energy Star Home Projects. That means we have helped many fine home’s heating and air conditioning achieve the Environmental Protection Agency’s elusive Energy Star Rating. We provide audits the explain completely, every detail of your homes exact needs for HVAC, Plumbing and appliance efficiency and comfort excellence.

Our plumbing services are also top of the line, building on seventy years of experience and mandatory continuing HVAC education throughout each contractor’s career with us. If you want a new clawfoot bathtub or a faucet installed, we can make an appointment convenient to your schedule. We are here for you 24/7.

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