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Hutchinson’s Plumbing has been servicing Gloucester County since 1948. Four generations of this local business have helped these collective towns grow and sustain the changing times. Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors have provided installations and maintenance for plumbing and HVAC systems here, as this county grew to its current 292,000+ residents.

Original claim to this land was held by the Leni Lenape people. A native American tribe called “the grandfathers” or “original people” by other native people. They were well known for keeping the peace among the New Jersey tribes and were welcoming to the new European settlers, befriending the weary travelers and showing them how to live in this new terrain.

The British made the first claims to the lands in New Jersey from their own shores in 1497, long before the first Dutch settlers came in contact with the Leni Lenape in 1609 with Hudson’s voyages. It wasn’t until  1638 that the Dutch and Swedish started to settle what is now Gloucester County. They renamed the Leni Lenape “Delaware Indians”.

The Swedes took possession of their first settlement and named it “Christina”, after their queen. They “purchased” the land from the Delaware people with trinkets, and though it seemed like a lease to the original people, it was a lasting deal, from what is now Cape May to Racoon Creek. They remained in control until 1664 when the British came to retake their old claim.

Though they relinquished the land from the Dutch and claimed sovereignty of South Jersey, then “West Jersey”. There was fighting and disputes until 1674, but then it remained uncontested until the revolutionary war over one hundred years later.

The shores of Gloucester County were fished and considered to be “alive with whales” which brought some industry quickly to the area, logging quickly followed. There were rumors of sea serpents like giant rattlesnakes with the heads of dogs, as well as thick overgrown forests inland that slowed interest in rural residential development until other industries turned up to attract more settlers. There were only about one thousand Swedish residents and a few Dutch.

It was at this early time that Gloucester County officially took root. In the years between 1680 and 1702 Gloucester created its own independent governance. This made Gloucester County the only existing County that was created by its own inhabitants and freeholders.

The British West Jersey was completely uninvolved in its planning and stronghold. May 28, 1686, the people here created their own “Constitution of Gloucester County”.  The colonial presence did not authorize, nor rebuke the claim. In 1692 they formally recognized it.

During the revolution, the county seat came to Woodbury, and Betsy Ross got married in the original court otherwise known as Huggs Tavern. Then, Gloucester county included Atlantic County and Camden County and ran across the entire State. Each town in Gloucester county has its own unique story. Hutchinson has paid attention while servicing these grand communities. You can find some local details about your hometown and Hutchinson’s plumbing right here on this site.

Hutchinson takes pride in knowing about where we do business and our local area. We were founded in 1948 nearby, and our contractors know this area well. That means we understand the intricacies that come with owning an older home full of historical charm.

We have seventy years of experience with these old pipes, ac and heating systems. Our services have included installations of new HVAC ductwork that makes an old home more comfortable and efficient without changing much at all. Our local contractors can do an audit and check all of your air conditioning seals and insulation to make sure you can get the most from your heating and ac systems. If our tweaks aren’t enough we can do a quick installation of a more efficient unit.

We also have terrific maintenance schedules that help ensure you have no middle of the night air conditioning or heating surprises. There is nothing worse than waking up freezing when your HVAC breaks down from something preventable. That can quickly cascade into bust pipes and more, with the increasingly long cold spells Gloucester county has been experiencing.

Check out our heating and ac maintenance plans or create installation plans for an entirely new HVAC system for your home.  An air conditioning inspection and maintenance call can save you thousands of dollars in the future. You can call on our local plumbing contractors any time 24/7 and we will quickly be at your door to help with a smile.