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Clementon, NJ started as a small milltown, with two mills 1735. In 1804 the fourth glassworks factory in the state of New Jersey was built on that land, which would one day become Clementon. It was called Gloucester Glass Works.

The village around the glassworks, inhabited by its workers and their families, was named after the factory’s owner, Samuel Clement. After a decline in the market, the glassworks was closed in 1817. Regardless, the little town grew quickly and Clement filled it with inns and it became a popular rail stop.

There are some present-day features of Clementon that have passed the test of time. One, of course is Hutchinson’s plumbing, heating and AC services. Another is Harper’s Pub. It started out being called Clementon Inn, built in the mid to late 1800’s. It was also called Gruber’s for many years.  It was rebuilt after a fire, on the same spot, in 1911. Many people report paranormal sightings in the pub, or on the floors above it that once served as hotel rooms. Now two hundred years later the pub still serves customers, even though it has such a long, ghostly history.

With our own long history of expanding to meet the needs of a growing community, Hutchinson Plumbing Heating & Cooling is proud to offer our exceptional service to the residents of Clementon. We pride ourselves on being ‘Expertly Better’ in all that we do, whether you’re in need of routine service and maintenance, emergency repairs, or system upgrades.

The town changed names from Clementon township, to Clementon borough in 1925. Clementon sits around a lake called, you guessed it, Clementon Lake. That is home to famed Clementon Lake Park, that had one of the country’s oldest wooden roller coasters built in 1919, and it ran until finally being decommissioned in 2002.

There are now approximately 5,000 people calling this place home. We offer our plumbing, ac and heater repair services to every one of them. If you have an emergency, our staff is on hand ready to save the day! With Hutchinson, you are always in good hands!

The Hutchinson difference: Hutchinson has been providing expert heating repair service and installation since 1948. We approach home comfort using criteria from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Plus, Hutchinson’s rigorous training standards assure your system will be installed correctly and operating at peak efficiency.

Clementon, like all of South NJ, has its hottest months in July and August, and it’s coldest in December and January. Our contractors are ready to get your HVAC repaired or maintained for all four seasons. With temperatures reaching record highs and lows in the last 15 years, these residents are staying prepared with our maintenance services. Check our free informational articles about how to prevent your pipes from freezing in low temperatures, and how to conserve AC energy bills in the summer.

Think of us for all of your heater and AC service calls and routine maintenance. We are your local, reliable contractors. If a problem arises with your AC, heating system or when you need a plumber ASAP, we can provide service quickly and efficiently to fix the problem. We know the area and have proudly served you for seventy years. Thank you for being our customer, we strive to be the best in the business for you!