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Cape May, NJ has always been a summer destination, as far back as when the Native Americans visited for their summer seasons. Eventually, it was found by Europeans and settled, forming the beautiful beach town we have today. Cape May is full of stories and American culture accompanied by historical names from our history books.


Hutchinson’s plumbing services have only been around since 1948, but we have become experts in providing the best HVAC services here, for as long as most people can remember.

Henry Hudson was the first to map Cape May on paper. Later other explorers also followed the Delaware River to its end, and in 1620 Captain Cornelius Jacobson Mey decided to name this place after himself. Captain Mey called it Cape Mey. Another captain, Captain Kidd otherwise known as William Kidd spent time here too, and rumors of his buried treasures still linger about.

By the 1700’s this was a tourist destination, but it wasn’t until 1761 that someone deemed it the first American seashore resort. It was immediately considered one of the best vacation destinations in the entire country. The town flourished through the civil war, where the underground railroad made a secret stop, several houses here are said to still have tunnels underneath them with secret holding rooms.

A lot of the older historical buildings were wiped out in the fire of 1878. Thirty blocks of homes and hotels were destroyed. Victorian style architecture was the most popular style at the time they rebuilt Cape May. The upscale clientele and lavish tastes of the landowners created a Victorian style oasis, which is still awe inspiring today. You can now stay in one of the “painted ladies” with her stained-glass windows, wrap around porches and Queen Anne or Gothic design.

We love working on these old Victorian homes, as well as the cape cods and others in the area. Our local contractors know the intricacies of the HVAC systems and the challenges these homeowners face. Our expert contractors keep you comfortable, installing systems and special duct work or exhausts for heating and air conditioning in these magnificent places.
America’s oldest seaside resort has welcomed visitors for generations with its hospitality and Victorian charm. With rich history and architectural diversity, the entire city is a National Historic Landmark with nearly 600 preserved Victorian buildings. These include the original Hotel Alcott & Ocean Club grand hotels that predate the fire. With such beauty and fun, it is no wonder that this was known as the Presidents playground, catering to Presidents Harrison, Hayes, Buchanan, Grant, Arthur & Lincoln.

One of the most beautiful spots in the country, Cape May boasts world-renowned festivals, historic trolley tours, top-notch theater companies, and award-winning wineries. Its culinary delights have earned it a place on the top 20 food cities by readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Hutchinson’s local services have been keeping Cape May comfortable with air conditioning systems all summer and heating in the winter.

On Sunset Beach, you can search for Cape May Diamonds. These are polished clear quartz pebbles that eroded from alongside the Delaware River which washed down 200 miles to land at this shore.

Like these gems, Hutchinson has become part of the heart of Cape May by providing its families with valuable plumbing services for many years. We are proud to service these fine hotels and private homes of the over 3,000 year-round residents or the 50,000 plus seasonal visitors. Cape May is still considered one of the best beaches anywhere.

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