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Four generations of Hutchinson local repair contractors have helped Cumberland County grow and sustain the changing times. Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors have provided installations and maintenance for plumbing and HVAC systems here, as this county grew to its current 152,500 residents. That is a lot of local families and good people for Hutchinson to keep comfortable.

We extend our repair service and our maintenance protocols to whatever the homes and businesses here require. There is no heating installation too large or service too small. Hutchinson shows up to your home prepared, clean and with a smile. Every local heating and air conditioning repair service we do is expertly better.

Check out our heating and air conditioning maintenance plans, or create installation plans for an entirely new HVAC system for your home. An air conditioning inspection and maintenance call can save you thousands of dollars in the future. You can call our local plumbing contractors at any time, or book an appointment with our HVAC specialists right here on our website!

Cumberland County, NJ Was named after Prince William, the Duke of Cumberland.

There is a small hamlet of the same name, with about three hundred people that were founded surrounding the Cumberland iron furnace in the 1800s. The county is home to 152,500 people, salt-hay tidal marshes and countless seabirds. It went through many changes along the way.

Major John Fenwick was put in charge of Lord Berkely’s half of New Jersey in 1664. Legend says Fenwick had a lot of debt, some from gambling, and he traded his debt for that land. Some of it went to William Penn. He still owned just about one-tenth of the parcel, so he traveled from England to the new land to claim what was left.

He was a Quaker, and he first called his land Salem. The land changed names and the townships split a few times as new events took place. Eventually, Cumberland County was formed from the west side of Salem County, in 1748.

Cumberland County has had many claims to New Jersey Fame through the last few hundred years. It has been home to countless large, successful farms, mills and iron-works, manufacturers and religious establishments. This County was outspoken during the Revolution and they even had their own tea party protest in Greenwich.

Cumberland saw the rise and fall of shipbuilding, railroads, oyster fame, chicken vaccines, new crops, new medicines and it had a unique bond with the Lenni Lenape People who lived here before the Quakers came. Many strong women such as Elizabeth Clark Bodly and brilliant men such as Charles Landis helped build this community. Great strides have happened here for conservation and wetlands protection.

Cumberland County is a key to saving many plants, animal and migratory birds species. It is a leader in sustainable New Jersey certifications, protected tidal estuaries, as well as river wildlife preserves. Hutchinson’s plumbing and HVAC contractors are proud to do business here. We know each area, with colonial, Victorian, Georgian, and craftsman homes being abundant here.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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