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William Penn was given a land grant in the 1680’s than encompassed what is now Abington and the surrounding counties. The land grant gave him the sole right and responsibility to divide this land up into towns, then build them into boroughs. In 1685 he was hurried along when the Penn family was ordered to form townships.

His family had absolute power to populate the towns. Abington was officially named in 1704. It wasn’t until 1834 that the power to incorporate a town or village was given to the courts, but they could only do it when a population of a place reached over three hundred residents. In 1871 that population restriction was lifted.

In 1832 Abington was starting to buzz, it had a tavern, hotel, a boarding school for boys only, plus a Presbyterian Church as well as stores and homes. Our Hutchinson plumbers and HVAC contractors didn’t exist back then, but now we take care of the same roads these original establishments were built on. Some buildings have survived the ages and are still here. Our plumbers take great care to provide the special services that the older homes need in order to keep their historical feel intact. We have a lot of experience and know how to fix and maintain all of it, safely and efficiently.

Safety was a major growing point for this town. As Abington grew into a thriving township, small hamlets inside of the township started to develop. One such place called Weldon is said to have hosted a battle between Washington’s troops and the British. One hundred people died here during the revolution.

By 1877, bands of “tramps” became troublesome while moving from town to town looking for labor jobs. People had to protect themselves from the tramps, so they created an anti-tramp association. Five officers were employed to protect Abington in the first type of police force in this area. Abington has since become a safe, inviting township that once thrived on protecting its citizens through tramps and battles.

Today, Abington is the second largest township in Montgomery County with over 55,000 residents. Hutchinson Plumbing is proud to serve this community, admiring its charming old homes and new complexes. William Penn himself would be proud to see the good hardworking people here.

Hutchinson’s Heating and Air Conditioning services are brought to you by experienced, expert contractors. Our family business is in its fourth generation, we have grown over seventy years to be the best local HVAC company around. If you need a plumber or any of our services, you can be sure our contractors are the best. Hutch takes heating and air conditioning seriously, and we understand how important it is for your family’s health and safety.

Our plumbers earn local praise by being expertly trained in all aspects and brands of HVAC and plumbing equipment. Whether you need a water heater, ductwork or a beautiful new faucet, give us a call. Our services are available 24/7 and we make all of our appointments at your convenience, not ours. For courteous service with a smile, call Hutchinson.

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