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Cape May Courthouse, NJ is an unincorporated community within Middle Township. While the population is just above 5,300, it is also considered a part of the Ocean City Metropolitan Statistical Area, meaning that it’s just one part of a bigger, largely populated area. The town also serves as the county seat for Cape May County and is the administrative center for the township.

If you’re on your way to the Wildwood boardwalk, or to Cape May, you might see one of Hutchinson’s local contractors driving by or parked here providing HVAC services for the residents here. Most of the residents here are here all year, and we take care of their plumbing, heating, & air conditioning services. We have been providing services since 1848, but Cape May Courthouse has been around much longer.

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Originally named Rumney Marsh, Cape May Courthouse was originally planned in 1703 by Jeremiah Hand. Prior to 1764, the Court of Cape May County would meet in private homes and the First Baptist Church, after that time, Hand’s father allocated one acre of his own land to build a courthouse and jail. The original structures were torn down and replaced in 1849. Since then the town has become a bustling hub.

Cape May County Park & Zoo is a popular attraction for locals and tourists. Open daily, the park provides year-round admission, and is a home to more than 550 animals. Opening in 1978, the zoo participates in a number of species survival programs using captive breeding to reestablish wild population numbers. This NJ zoo has been recognized as the third best in the nation and 13th best zoo in the world according to Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice awards. The zoo is one of the unexpected treasure of this area, and a must see.

Hutchinson’s contractors provide some unexpected services along with our heating, air conditioning and plumbing expertise. We also inspect appliances. Did you know that the efficiency rating of your appliances can help qualify you for an ENERGY STAR rating? If you consider upgrading your appliances, let us recommend they proper energy saving, efficient units that could qualify you for state sponsored incentives.

Not only will you feel safe about the gas lines or exhaust hook ups, you could save money on your utility bills. Hutchinson’s energy audits are not dedicated to your HVAC unit, we will also check your lighting. Simply by following a Hutchinson’s “expertly better” contractor’s advice, you can replace your homes most frequently used light fixtures and increase your ENERGY STAR rating. Or, just switch to the proper bulbs and instantly save $70 each year. PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

Our contractors are constantly receiving more training and education to provide expertly better air conditioning, heating and plumbing services. Cape may Courthouse takes education seriously too. Cape May Courthouse is served by the Middle Township public school district.

Their high school, known as the Middle Township Panthers, have a lot to be proud of. Both their girls’ and boys’ basketball programs have won state titles and their marching band won 25 championships in 27 years. Their mock trial team is a two-time championship winner.

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