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Solar-powered energy can really shine.

Admit it. You’ve thought about it, but you put it off because you think it’s cost prohibitive. Now there is proof that a solar system is more affordable than you think-especially in the long run.

Lower your energy bill.

By installing a solar system, you become your own energy provider, reducing electricity costs for the next 25+ years. The cost of electricity rises on average 7% per year nationwide. Solar power can help offset these increasing costs.

Increase the value of your home.

According to the National Appraisal Journal and EPA, for every $1 reduction in annual bills adds $20 to the value of the home.

Utilize incentives and SREC for to save even more.

The federal tax credit for residential installations reduces your cost by 30%. And as a resident of New Jersey, you can take advantage of the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program where your unused electricity can pay you back.

Contribute to the green movement.

By switching to solar power, you’re helping the environment and you’re serving as inspiration to others to do the same.

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