3 Signs That it is Time to Change Your AC Unit’s Air Filter
3 Signs That it is Time to Change Your AC Unit’s Air Filter

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3 Signs That it is Time to Change Your AC Unit’s Air Filter


When is the last time you changed your AC system’s air filter?

Have you ever changed it?

As a company that offers air conditioning repairs throughout South Jersey, we at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating and Cooling know all too well how many busy homeowners might overlook something such as changing their air filters. However, keeping an eye on an air filter (no matter how busy you are) can help guarantee that your home will feel comfortable, and that your AC system will run correctly. What’s more, if you’re ever unsure about whether or not your air filter needs changing, here are a few signs that will likely indicate that it’s time

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There Is Dust, Dust, and More Dust!

When a filter has not been changed in a while it can become “full” with dust.  When this happens, the only way for your filter to pick up more dust is to release the same amount of dust.  This will allow more pollutants to get into your home and affect the air’s quality. If you are discovering that your furniture is more dusty than usual and/or your loved ones (with allergies) are having a harder time breathing, there is a strong chance the air filter could be to blame.

Your Home Isn’t Being Cooled Correctly.

Notice that little to no air is coming from your vents? Is your home taking longer to cool than usual? Even though there are many issues which may be causing these problems, a dirty air filter could be to blame. Think about drinking water through a straw, if you squeeze the straw, creating a restriction, then less water will make it thru the straw. A dirty filter can create the same effect. So, try changing it, and then see if the air flows more freely throughout your home immediately after.

Puddles of Water & Frozen Coils.

As dust is released from your “full” air filter, it can begin to collect within your coil, the indoor portion of your air conditioner. When enough dust has collected, your air conditioner will not be able to work properly and it will begin to “freeze” into a block of ice. When the ice melts it will typically overflow and leave large puddles of water around your furnace. If you come home to a warm home and a puddle of water, there is a chance this is all due to a dirty filter.

Your Energy Bill is at the Highest It’s Ever Been.

We all accept that our energy bills will be a bit higher once you turn on the AC. But, if your energy bills have soared, you might have a problem. A dirty air filter will force your air conditioner to run more frequently and for longer periods of time in order to cool you home, and each one of these cycles costs you money. Therefore, if you notice your energy bill going up for no apparent reason—and you don’t recall the last time you changed your filter—it may indeed be the cause of that incredibly high bill you are staring at right now.

Although changing an air filter is an easy task that any homeowner can do, most people will neglect to do so until there is a problem. Other reasons why people often forget to change this critical component is because they don’t really grasp how a filter functions, as well as the vital role it plays in their home’s comfort. As an air conditioning and heating company that serves South Jersey, we know how important it is that air filters not only be changed on a regular basis but also monitored to ensure they’re working correctly. To learn more about the importance of changing/checking your air filter, please call or email us at any time!