Optimizing Energy Efficiency for a Clinical Packaging Powerhouse: Xerimis Chooses Direct Install

Optimizing Energy Efficiency
for a Clinical Packaging Powerhouse:
Xerimis Chooses Direct Install


Total Project Cost – $609,072

NJCEP Direct Install incentives: $487,265


  • Packaged HVAC Units

Direct Install paid 80% of upgrades

On-bill Financing: 5 Years at 0% Interest

Project payback: 1.2 years

Estimated annual savings:

  • $24,000 annually
  • 111,290 Kwh savings
  • 19,130 therms
  • Reduction of carbon
    footprint – 201 metric
    tons of CO2

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical and biotech industries, where cutting-edge innovations and life-saving medications are developed, every detail matters. Xerimis, a privately held, specialized company providing customized clinical packaging services on a global basis, offers storage of clinical supplies under qualified, temperature-controlled conditions for clinical trials.

For many years, Xerimis has relied on Hutchinson, a leading energy and mechanical service contractor, to handle HVAC services such as preventive maintenance and emergency service repairs for its U.S. headquarters located in Moorestown, NJ. The 64,000 sq. ft. facility houses controlled and secured warehousing and storage, along with a host of packaging rooms, inspection areas, and more.

“It’s essential for us to have a reliable, efficient HVAC system to ensure proper temperature control for drug product storage as we’re required to maintain a certain temperature range,” says Marty Sockwell, director of quality assurance, Validation, Xerimis.

Sockwell notes that Hutchinson handled HVAC repair work for the 20+ year-old units but over time it became apparent that it would be more cost-effective to replace the units with high-efficiency units and reap energy-saving opportunities in the future.

After assessing the 36 rooftop units, ranging from 3 to 7.5 tons each, Hutchinson identified 22 units that qualified for the PSE&G Direct Install Program which is designed to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective energy efficiency equipment for eligible business customers, with 12-month individual facility electricity average peak demand usage of less than 200kW.

As an authorized Direct Install contractor, Hutchinson replaced the inefficient units with high-efficiency rooftop units with a SEER rating of 14 or more and also installed dual enthalpy economizers and Demand Control Ventilation to maximize energy efficiency/savings.

Through Direct Install, the total project cost was $609,000. Xerimis received an incentive of $487,000 and only paid $122,000 for the upgraded HVAC units. Xerimis also took advantage of the PSE&G on-bill financing for 5 years at 0% interest.

“Because of the Direct Install subsidy, it was clear that we needed to jump on this opportunity and replace the HVAC units for cost-effective energy efficiency savings,” says Sockwell.