Indoor Air Quality

Return to Clean Air with iWave

Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Air

If your business is beginning to transition back to the office, operating under a “new normal,” it’s important to follow proper CDC guidelines as well as pay attention to the air you breathe for a safe return.

As part of Hutchinson’s 3-step “Safe Return to Work” service, an ionization air purifying device, called iWave, which installs in any duct air conditioning system is now being offered. iWave reduces allergens, kills mold, bacteria and viruses allowing you to breathe cleaner and fresher air.

How does iWave Purify the Air?

By using Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI), a patented technology, iWave creates an equal amount of positive and negative ions. Once injected into the air stream, these ions break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor.

Hydrogen molecules are removed when these ions connect with viruses, bacteria or mold, resulting in the pathogens losing energy and dying. Allergens like pollen are removed when ions attach and band the particles together until they are large enough to be caught, without producing harmful byproducts, in the ventilation system’s air filter.

iWave Features

  • Kills pathogens downstream
  • Controls odors
  • Reduces airborne particles
  • Self-cleaning options which provides continual peak performance
  • Cleans entire depth of coil
  • < 10 watts of energy required
  • Most models have universal voltage
  • Solid state design
  • Three-year warranty

How Effective is iWave?

Based on tests conducted using proprietary NPBI technology, iWave air purifiers reduced the following virus particles:


Time in chamber: 30 minutes

Rate of reduction: 99.4%

Human Coronavirus 229E

Time in chamber: 60 minutes

Rate of reduction: 90%

Interested in learning more?

Businesses can learn more about the Hutchinson 3-step “Safe Return to Work” and iWave air purifier services by calling 888-777-4501.

HVAC Duct Cleaning Maintains a Healthier Building Environment

As contaminants like molds, bacteria, fiberglass insulation fibers, dust and debris are all present in your duct work, an ongoing maintenance plan is essential for the health and well being of building occupants as well as your equipment.  Hutchinson provides services to evaluate and control the indoor air quality of facilities to help you maintain a more healthy and productive building environment.

Hutchinson can help you:

  • Assess current indoor air quality conditions
  • Identify indoor environmental contaminants
  • Develop a plan to improve indoor air quality
  • Implement indoor air quality control strategies
  • Monitor indoor air quality conditions