Living Faith Christian Center Saves Big with Direct Install

In a place of worship, comfort and lighting are key.

When Living Faith Christian Center (LFCC), a Pennsauken, NJ-based ministry, was in need of new HVAC and lighting, Andrew Robinson, facilities manager, knew exactly where to turn: Hutchinson.

Since 1996, Robinson has worked with Hutchinson’s Joe Coyle and knew that he could once again rely on Joe’s expertise and recommendation for a cost-effective solution for the nonprofit.

Situated on 28 acres at the former site of the Pennsauken Expo Center, LFCC’s 108,000 sq. foot facility boasts a large church and meeting and community rooms for its congregants.

“The decision to contact Hutchinson was clear because we were satisfied and happy with their maintenance service contract over the years,” said Robinson.

After conducting a free energy assessment throughout the facility, Hutchinson determined LFCC’s eligibility for energy efficiency HVAC and lighting upgrades through the Direct Install program.

The actual installation took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, when LFCC was not open to its parishioners, enabling the Hutchinson team to get the job done super quick and efficiently, without any interruptions.

Hutchinson replaced eight 20+ year old HVAC roof top units with high efficiency units and upgraded 129 outdated lights – in the main lobby, children’s church, and other areas – with energy efficiency LED lighting. To reduce water flow in eight lavatory bathrooms, Hutchinson replaced 12 aerators with low flow aerators at .5 GPMS.

Through Direct Install, LFCC saved $125,000 on upgraded high efficiency equipment and only had to pay $96,000 out-of-pocket. Additionally, projected annual electric savings is 220,452 kWh and 1,809 therms.

“The upgraded lighting really made a huge difference,” said Robinson. “The old lighting just wasn’t bright enough – our congregants had trouble reading scripture in the sanctuary.”

The lighting is not only brighter, but it’s much more cost effective. The previously metal halide lighting – 400 watts for each lamp – used an exorbitant amount of energy and was high-maintenance and expensive.

“The lights were very hot and would carbonize the air around them,” added Robinson. “Now, I don’t have to worry about replacing lighting; it’s brighter and has a consistent and clean look and feel. Direct Install was a no brainer – it was a huge savings overall and the Hutchinson team bent over backwards to appease us.”