The Strand Theater Testimonial

Direct Install Sets the Stage for
Energy Efficiency


NJCEP Direct Install incentives: : $166,515


  • High-efficiency Heating,
    Cooling units
  • High-efficiency Heating
    and Domestic Boilers
  • High-efficiency, LED

Direct Install paid 80% of upgrades

Project payback: 1.86 years

Estimated annual savings:

  • $24,700
  • 106,478 kWh
  • 12,022 therms
  • Reduction of carbon
    footprint – – 138.9 Metric Tons

THE STRAND, owned by and based in Lakewood Township, is an entertainment venue offering a wide variety of live entertainment acts to the Jersey Shore community, from musical concerts to dinner shows to plays. Milton Berle, George Burns, Don McLean, Taylor Swift, Charlie Daniels, George Carlin and many more have all taken the stage at THE STRAND. The building is regarded as one of the best acoustical theaters in the nation due to its exemplary architecture. Throughout the years, THE STRAND has undergone several renovations to maintain its great reputation and high standard for aesthetics.

When THE STRAND’s outdated mechanical system needed to be replaced, the theater contacted New Jersey Natural Gas, who referred them to Hutchinson. No stranger to their services, Lakewood Township is a long-term client of Hutchinson that has tapped into energy efficiency upgrades for several projects through Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.

Lights, HVAC, Action…

Hutchinson went onsite and conducted an energy assessment and determined eligibility for Direct Install upgrades.
Hutchinson got to work and installed a new high-efficiency condensing boiler and upgraded the 20-year-old HVAC units with four new gas-fired rooftop units. Hutchinson also replaced the theater’s fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting. The LED lighting not only reduces maintenance and energy costs, but also provides a superior lighting output for a venue that relies heavily on lighting as part of the entertainment experience.

“Direct Install paid 80% of the project and the balance was picked up by New Jersey Natural Gas with 0% on-bill financing,” said Hutchinson’s Greg Peterson. “THE STRAND initially came to us for a new boiler, but through Direct Install, they received a bargain deal including new HVAC units and LED lighting.”

“Through Direct Install and Smart Start, we were able to afford high-efficiency energy improvements with no out-of-pocket cost for Lakewood Township,” said Steve Reinman, Director, Economic & Industrial Development, Township of Lakewood. “This project was really important to us because of the theater’s reputation and commitment to providing an enjoyable and comfortable experience to their guests. Hutchinson really came through for us. With a project payback of just one and a half years, Direct Install is a smart investment with big savings.”

“Through Direct Install and Smart Start, we were able to afford high-efficiency energy improvements with no out-of-pocket cost.”

Steve Reinman
Director, Economic & Industrial
Development, Township of Lakewood