City Invincible-Spiezle Architecture Testimonial


NJCEP Direct Install incentives $42,235


  • High-efficiency Lighting
  • Packaged HVAC Units

Direct Install Paid 58% of Upgrades

Estimated Annual Savings

  • $4,932
  • 26,308 kWh
  • 1447 therms
  • 26.3 metric tons of CO2 reduced


Hutchinson had previously maintained City Invincible’s four 7.5 ton 15-year old HVAC units but after time, servicing them no longer made financial sense. Once again, Alberto turned to Hutchinson, a participating contractor for New Jersey’s Clean Energy’s Direct Install Program, to address HVAC and lighting needs for the 9,600 sq. foot building – a former historic state bank of Camden built in 1813. The program covers up to 70% of energy efficiency upgrades.


With a total job cost of $73,000 and a direct out-of-pocket cost of $44,000 to City Invincible, the company experienced a savings of $29,000 through Direct Install. And the savings don’t stop there. Because of the energy efficiency upgrades, City Invincible is slated to experience an annual savings of $5,000.

“Direct Install cut my capital costs significantly not to mention the annual utility costs.The investment in Direct Install upgrades will pay for themselves in little time – now that’s ROI!” ”

Angelo Alberto

City Invincible-Spiezle Architecture