Medford Leas Continuing Care Reaps Benefits with ENERGY STAR® Multi-Family Program

CHERRY HILL, NJ  When you consider an ideal retirement community you would be hard pressed not to consider Medford Leas as a premier lifestyle option. Located in Medford, NJ, Medford Leas is a natural pathway to living well. Spread across two campuses, Medford Leas boasts a scenic natural environment featuring wildflower meadows, paved trails, woodlands and green space.

Residents enjoy spacious accommodations, anywhere from independent living apartments and villas, to continuing care nursing facilities; all geared toward a better life and quality retirement living. And it goes without saying that quality living does not exist without a comfortable high-quality environment. That is why it is not surprising that when it became apparent that the energy systems needed some attention, the administration at Medford Leas only looked for a high-quality heating and cooling solution.

Through multiple programs offered by the NJ Office of Clean Energy, including the
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Multi-Family Program, the courtyard garden apartments at Medford Leas qualified for a number of cost-saving energy efficiency solutions and the subsequent incentive rebates.

Hutchinson performed a thorough analysis of utility bills, along with a diagnostic energy assessment of thermal and mechanical systems in the courtyard units including attics, exterior walls, infiltration, windows, heating, cooling and hot water systems. An evaluation of appliances and lighting was also conducted.

From Electric to Gas
The most significant upgrade was converting the HVAC and domestic water systems from electric to gas. The apartments were originally operating on electric heat and AC through noisy and inefficient PTAC wall units.

Through the Clean Energy Program, Hutchinson installed the highest efficiency gas-fired units available in the attics of over 200 units. Hutchinson also air sealed and insulated the attics for increased thermal efficiency.

Water Heater Upgrades
In addition to the energy efficiency upgrades made to the air quality, Hutchinson also upgraded the electric domestic water heating systems. Hutchinson installed energy efficient gas-fired direct vent hot water heaters and new gas piping in each court of the courtyard community.

For their part in implementing the energy efficiency upgrades under the NJ Multi-Family program, Medford Leas received incentive rebates in excess of $224,000– and dramatically cut future operating costs.