Automobile Dealership Shines with Direct Install

CHERRY HILL, NJ — Woodbury Nissan has been a staple in the community for over 40 years. Run by Tina Wright and her daughter Meredith, the second-generation automobile dealership prides itself on its family-like atmosphere, exceptional customer service and selection of fine vehicles.

Over time, the original building – a 30,000 sq. foot facility purchased in 1977 – was starting to show its age. “In our world, aesthetics, lighting and comfort is everything,” says Tina. “Throughout the years, we updated and remodeled as needed but when it came to HVAC and lighting, it no longer made sense to continue to fix outdated equipment, so we sought out Hutchinson for a solution,” says Tina.

Hutchinson conducted a free energy assessment and analysis of  energy efficiency upgrades and determined that the dealership qualified for Direct Install, offered through the NJ Office of Clean Energy, which covers up to 70 percent of energy efficiency upgrades.

“At first, I thought Direct Install was a gimmick because the savings were unreal,” says Tina.

Through Direct Install, Woodbury Nissan received approximately $72,000 of upgraded equipment for only $21,000.

Lighting is key

One of the biggest impacts was replacing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting in the
11-bay service bays. “We didn’t realize how poor the lighting was all these years until Hutchinson installed new, clean, white lighting. It’s fabulous for our technicians.”

The lighting didn’t stop there.  Hutchinson retrofitted lighting throughout the entire dealership, including the showroom – the focal point of any dealership.  “Lighting reflects the shine on a beautiful, new automobile. It makes cars sparkle,” says Tina. “Poor lighting is not good for business.”

The clerical staff in the office area saw the difference, too, noting that the new lighting was much easier on their eyes.”

HVAC/boiler Upgrades

When shopping for a vehicle, the customer experience must be exceptional.  That’s where comfort comes into play.  If it’s too hot or too cold, it’s not a positive customer experience.  “Comfort is a big deal,” says Tina. Showrooms outfitted with glass walls make temperature control challenging.  Now, with the replacement of boilers and rooftop units for the showroom, there are no more worries about comfort.

“The Hutchinson team provided exceptional service. They performed all this work around our schedule  so it wouldn’t interrupt our business. I live and breathe customer service in my business, and truly recognize and appreciate it when I receive it.  And Hutchinson provided that service.”