The Fountains at Cedar Parke Testimonial

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Generate Savings


Estimated annual savings: $90,000


– HVAC natural gas conversion
– High efficiency lighting
– Motion sensors
– Building automation system


Project financed over five years in partnership with Hutchinson and Constellation Energy, a leading competitive energy company.


The Fountains at Cedar Parke is a 370-room Continuing Care Retirement Community in Atco, NJ that’s home to 350 residents and 240 employees.


Utility expenses were out of control as the 336,000 sq. foot building was equipped with original (outdated) 25+ year-old HVAC and excessive, inefficient lighting.


Hutchinson conducted an energy assessment and made recommendations to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills, without comprising safety and comfort.

Energy efficiency upgrades include:

  • Upgrading the 1990s lighting technology from T12’s to new state- of- the-art lighting.
  • Installing motion sensors in the three-story, six-wing building.
  • Converting HVAC equipment and hot water heaters in one of the building’s wings – all three floors totaling 48,400 sq. feet – from electric to natural gas.
  • To further reduce energy usage due to peak demand, load shedding plans are underway
  • Installing a new control system to reduce energy usage due to peak demand.

Hutchinson made everything seamless and easy by taking charge and navigating the entire process.  It’s daunting to figure out the rebates and credits – I would have spent months trying to figure it out on my own.  Working with Hutchinson enabled my team and me to focus on our business. Our biggest decision was deciding which project we should start first.”

mmMurphy Vandervelde
The Fountains at Cedar Parke