LADACIN Network Testimonial

ladaSaves Big With Energy Efficient Upgrades


NJCEP Direct Install incentives: $114,793

– Energy efficient HVAC units
– High efficiency lighting
– HutcheView

Direct Install paid 70% of upgrades

Project payback: 2.12 years

Estimated annual savings:
$23,237   154,976 kWh   5,155 therms


LADACIN Network is a nonprofit agency in Wanamassa, NJ that provides support and services for individuals with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities.  Conscious of every dollar spent, the non-profit wanted to add energy savings measures to its facilities.


Through HutcheView, a new platform that helps building owners track and reduce energy usage, Hutchinson recommended simple energy-saving changes such as staging mechanical equipment start times and turning off lights in empty rooms. These changes enabled LADACIN Network to become eligible to participate in Direct Install – offered through the NJ Office of Clean Energy.

Through the Direct Install program, LADACIN Network was able to take advantage of dramatic savings on energy efficient upgrades. Currently, Direct Install pays up to 70 percent of certain retrofit costs –much needed savings for a non-profit organization with a tight budget.

Energy efficiency upgrades included:

  • Upgrading outdated and inefficient 23-year-old HVAC rooftop units with new energy efficient models.
  • Upgraded outdated fluorescent lighting to LED lighting throughout the building’s interior and exterior.

Hutchinson helped us get clarity on our energy consumption and costs.
would recommend HutcheView and Direct Install to any business or organization.”

ladRich Hileman
Director of Facilities and Information


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