HVAC Energy Solutions

Hutchinson is a recognized leader in providing Energy solutions, including the latest green technologies that guarantee your facilities run smoothly and efficiently.

HVAC Energy Solutions

As energy costs are typically the second highest cost for businesses, having an energy plan in place not only provides businesses with cost savings, but keeps building occupants comfortable …. and helps the environment, too.

Hutchinson is a Participating Contractor in one of New Jersey’s most successful Clean Energy Programs – Direct Install. These innovative programs are designed to offer commercial, industrial and governmental customers financial incentives, design support and technical assistance to integrate energy efficient and renewable energy technologies into new construction, upgrades, and new cooling & heating equipment installations.


Top 10 Ways Hutchinson Can Save You Energy

Consider the following upgrades to make sure your mechanical systems are running at peak performance.

  1. Install higher efficiency chillers (or other AC systems).
  2. Install a larger cooling tower to improve efficiency and reduce tower return temperature.
  3. Install variable speed drives on the cooling tower fans.
  4. Install high efficiency lighting wherever possible.
  5. Reduce outside air intake, especially during warmer months.
  6. Install variable speed drives on the hot water pumping systems.
  7. Add “heat recovery” and obtain “free” hot water from the chillers or other air conditioning units.
  8. Install variable speed drives on all constant speed fans that are throttled back in response to variable loads.
  9. Install premium efficiency motors on pumps and fans that have long run hours.
  10. Install/upgrade HVAC controls to include intelligent new EMS technologies