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2 Tips On How To Make Your Home Winter-ready


So far, winter 2014-15 has not been as harsh on the state of New Jersey as winter 2013-14. However, that is not to say that you should risk being ill-prepared in the event that a debilitating cold front moves in, or a major snow storm occurs.

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As a seasoned heating and cooling company that serves Camden County, Gloucester County as well as other areas of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, we know how important it is to guarantee our customers—either current or potential—are prepared to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Additionally, we not only strongly advise that homeowners have their heating system evaluated by one of our technicians before the first day of winter hits—we highly encourage that you make time to ensure your home is entirely “winter-ready.”

How Can You Make Your Home Winter-ready?

1. Have A Shelf (Or A Few) Of Emergency Supplies On Hand

This might seem like a no-brainer to most, but many people opt out of having emergency supplies on hand because they don’t want to spend any extra money, or they think they will be “fine.” However, have you ever seen the chaos at a grocery or home improvement store before a winter storm hits? People can avoid this type of chaos, as well as be fully prepared for the inevitable just by taking some time to come up with a check list of emergency supplies.

Some emergency supplies we encourage homeowners to stock up on (in no particular order) include:

  • Blankets
  • Lots of batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Battery-powered electronics such as a radio, clock, or lantern.
  • Manual can opener
  • Nonperishable food items, and at least 3 days’ supply of water
  • At least 2 snow shovels and a bag of rock salt
  • First aid kits
  • Lighters and/or matches

2. Monitor The Weather At Least Once A Day (& Your Heating System)

As any reputable heating company will tell you, having annual checkups will ensure your heating system will be running efficiently when it gets unbearable outside. However, aside from monitoring your heating system, we suggest that all homeowners monitor local weather patterns so that you are prepared!

Also, for those of you who do not have the time to watch the news or read the paper, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it extremely easy to find out what’s going on with the weather.

Facebook and Twitter can serve as “news sources” because many people will be buzzing about how many inches of snow they might get, when the storm is hitting their area, as well as if they are seeing any precipitation at all. In fact, social media makes it very easy for people to stay in sync with one another when it comes to the weather in their area. However, whether you have a Facebook or not, being aware of what is going on around you will ensure that you are winter-ready.

In the end, no matter what your outlook for the winter is, being prepared will ensure you are winter-ready!