Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Atlantic County, NJ


When someone from Atlantic County calls Hutchinson, they get dependable services, appointments that are convenient to their own schedules and a guarantee. When you notice your ac isn’t blowing as cool as it used to, we can get your air conditioning repaired and running at peak efficiency in no time.

If you need a repair or maintenance, we will assess the situation and give you a report that shows all costs before we start any work. You won’t get any surprises from our expert HVAC contractors. For heating and air conditioning, you can trust Hutchinson. Our services include Energy Star Audits for the Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Rating Program.

A high Energy Star rating can save you up to thirty percent on your energy bills. We will check your heating appliances, your vents, exhaust systems, circulation and many other points on the audit checklist. You will be made aware if there are any safety issues your family needs to fix quickly. All of our HVAC services include a safety check. Your family’s health and comfort are our main concern.

Hutchinson has been trusted with repeat business for seventy years, that is a record we are proud of. We offer the same quality of heating and air conditioning services to you, that will make you a repeat customer too. When you have a leak or a flood emergency, we can send an expert plumber to the rescue. If you want a new faucet installed, we can help with that too.

Our plumbers receive over one hundred hours of additional training each year they work with us, as do our HVAC contractors. Hutchinson’s heating and ac professionals also get experience passed down since 1948. Hutchinson can handle any heating or AC repair, installation or maintenance.

We also keep you informed while we work, every step of the way. Visitors and tourists of Atlantic county can also feel free to call us if you have a leak or a toilet mishap. Don’t let it ruin your vacation if you just need a plumber. Call us, we are available 24/7 at your convenience. Rental properties that use Hutch for their maintenance usually don’t have emergencies, but anything can happen, and we are here for you if it does.

In the beginning, the Native Americans lived here in New Jersey for six thousand years, but far away on another continent, in 1664, James Duke of York was given a deed to the land here and he called it Nova Caesarea. It soon split into East and West Jersey. Atlantic County, NJ was a part of West Jersey until 1673 when both Jerseys were united as one.

Hutchinson’s plumbing helps take care of them all. The residents here have come to trust the Hutchinson name. It represents expertly better services, courteous contractors and upfront, honest prices. Tourist’s visit the resort towns in Atlantic County from all over the world to see the sandy beaches, lively boardwalks, and great entertainment. Late night gambling makes Atlantic County unique and very famous.

In 1671, there was a line of separation in West Jersey, “The Providence Line” from Little Egg Harbor to the Delaware River, and another from Barnegat creek to the Rancocous River.

All titles of the land at that time came from the English crown, though the settlers often also paid the native Americans for title of the land because it was recognized as theirs, even if the “grant of the soil” from the King did not recognize the same ownership.

Some settlers bought land directly from the Lenni Lenape Tribe but did not reconcile it with the King’s deed holders. This caused a lot of fighting over land rights and eventually creating the land divisions and the counties we have today. What is now Atlantic County was once part of Egg Harbor County. Today’s Atlantic County was first settled by a European at Somers Point in 1693 by a man named John Somers.

Many other towns soon sprouted, and the area changed drastically. Industry was quickly followed by tourism and resorts. Land was cleared, and farms were established. The County Seat of Atlantic County was recognized as Mays Landing in1837.

Since then, Atlantic County grew dramatically, with a population of over 274,000 people.