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Island Heights, NJ was called Dr. Johnston’s Island after Mr. John Johnston received a land patent in 1690. Lenni Lenape People lived on the island before that time and their artifacts are still being found in the southern caves today. The island looks interesting on the horizon, the bluffs make a contrasting landscape and the land sits at the second highest elevation on the Eastern Seaboard south of Highlands.

The name was first recorded on maps as Tom’s River Island, and though the Northern channel that separated the island was said to exist by the surveyor, it was not drawn on the map. Today that waterway is called Dillan’s creek and is covered by marsh. In 1762, it changed names to Dillan’s Island, a family who came to fame when a man named William Dillan led an assault for British sympathizers in 1782 in a battle called the Tom’s River Blockade. He built a house here that still stands today. 

The island had further disputes, at one point Commodore Stockton of Princeton fame bought this land for his family vacations, but the local people refused to let him build his home. Eventually, the land was split and sold as separate homesteads, until Jacob Graw decided he wanted to create a Methodist retreat. Graw got another dozen prominent Methodist businessmen from the surrounding areas together, and they worked to create a resort town.

The resort they created was called Island Heights Association and they gave it a distinction of being a Christian family camp, with meetings of faith. He led by way of “Temperance Meetings” and published the Temperance Gazette. The town that started to rise up from these beginnings had Christian values and alcohol was prohibited. By 1879 they were quickly selling every cottage they built. The Association accumulated so many homes and a population, it became an official borough in 1887.

By 1900 John Wanamaker also opened a camp on the island “The Barracks”, which was a military-like extension of schools he had for students in the city. They drilled like the National Guard did, but also got to use resort perks like the pools and sporting equipment. It was considered a vacation of discipline. Students often went off to wars on foreign soil, and the island remained a religious-based place.

Soon the residents started to stay year-round, as more industry popped up in the area. Today the population is just under two thousand people, but they have a great spot to call their own. Hutchinson’s Plumbing often comes by to take care of these residents and their heating and air conditioning. Our services are well known here and in all of New Jersey. Hutchinson HVAC contractors are known to be expertly better, and we have repeat customers whose families have called on us for four generations.

We are a family plumbing business and we are in our fourth generation of contractor’s services as well. We bring you seventy years combined heating and air conditioning knowledge that is renowned for being fair, honest and “expertly better”. The next time you have an HVAC or plumbing issue, give us a call. We conveniently schedule our appointments at your convenience, 24/7.

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