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Brick, NJ is one of the few shore towns that has always had year-round residents. The Lenni Lenape People lived here year-round, while only visiting surrounding areas seasonally. The land was so rich, you could fish, gather, harvest, and hunt successfully, even when the shellfish were not in season. The bay and rivers were plentiful here and the Lenni Lenape lived here for many centuries.

The land here was also settled by Europeans long before it took the name of Brick. As far back as 1742, there was a sawmill industry starting here, as well as iron forges. Burr’s forge was first called Butcher’s forge after it was built by John Lippencott. Burr’s was the largest iron forge in the state. Another forge was down the Metedeconk River, called Bergen Iron Works. It was run by Joseph Brick. Brick had made such a name for himself that the township was named after him in 1850, at the same time as Ocean County was created.

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In the 1800’s cranberry bogs patched the area and thrived by popular trade demand, the biggest in the state for a while. The industry was strong and sustained many people here until the Point Pleasant Canal was dug, pouring salt water into the bay and rivers, changing the land forever. By the 1900s poultry was raised here, and became a relevant industry, as did crabbing and camping resorts. When the Garden State Parkway opened, people flooded into Brick Township, and with rapid commercial building, the population quickly increased.


Today Brick township boasts over seventy-five thousand residents, which gives it a city classification. In 2006, Brick was named the safest city in America. It was in the top five safest in America for several of the surrounding years. That also made it the safest city in New Jersey, and it remained that since 2000 in the Morgan Quinto Study. Being such a safe and respected community, as well as one of the oldest communities in Ocean County is a great reason for township pride.

Hutchinson’s plumbing loves taking care of the citizens here. We respect the effort that this township takes to give back to its residents. The schools here are known for their special need’s programs and their good works with children with autism. There are great teachers and schools here, programs for many community outreach issues, and we can’t forget the Brick Hockey Club. Travel hockey teams from all over the east are familiar with those talented kids and coaches.

The air conditioning and heating systems in a hockey rink may need a different set up of equipment than your home, but Hutchinson’s team of expert contractors has you covered either way. We have seventy years of local HVAC and plumbing experience. Our services are well known for winning awards and being the best at making your heating and air conditioning its most efficient.

Call our local contractors out day or night, whether you have a plumbing or an HVAC emergency, we can be there 24/7. Our services are always started with a smile, our contractors always show you courtesy and we never leave a mess behind when we finish our job. Try Hutchison today!

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