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The land that would be Collingswood was first settled in the late 17th century as a part of the Newton Creek Colony. In fact, a house that was built in 1707 is still standing on Lees Avenue, making this home to one of the oldest houses in Camden County, NJ. Hutchinson loves getting calls from the residents of Collingswood, in a new home or old one.

Most of what is Collingswood today was owned by the Collings family in the 18th and 19th centuries until it was incorporated as a borough in 1888. Part of Collingswood is known as the unincorporated community Knight Park, named for Edward Collings Night who donated it.

Today over 14,000 people call this place home. It is convenient to work and play and is only six miles from Philadelphia. You can seek sun and recreation at Cooper River on the border of town, where you might see a Hutchinson van go by to help a resident with their HVAC.

Historically, this has been a “dry town”. It is due in part to the influence of its Quaker founders. Collingswood is one of thirty-five municipalities in New Jersey that prohibit the retail sale of alcohol, a law that started in the 1700’s and is still in effect today.

In the same way that Quakers influence Collingswood today, we at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating & Cooling have pursued greatness influencing our contractors to give outstanding service since 1948 that is still in effect today. Keeping that tradition is what we do, since our founding over 60 years ago. Whether for routine maintenance and service, emergency repairs, or for upgrades to your current systems, you can trust that Hutchinson will leave you satisfied.

Recently, some dry town ordinances have been slightly modified. You can now sample the goods at a local craft brewery, as long as they don’t serve food in the establishment. You can also enjoy wines grown in NJ vineyards in a few restaurants.

Known for its walkability, Haddon Avenue is a foodie pleasure, with great restaurants and a historic atmosphere, but modernized retail district. Tourists can also visit Walt Whitman’s tomb is in Harleigh’s cemetery, which sits partially in Collingswood. Enjoy a classical concert in nights park or the theater in town, any way you choose, you can make a great outing here. Hutchinson is proud to serve small businesses in the area, as well as the lucky residents.

You can also enjoy art galleries on 2nd Saturday’s, or be a part of the yearly Green Festival, where Collingswood helps environmental awareness. We respect the environment too. We approach home comfort using criteria from the Department on Environmental Protection’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Plus, Hutchinson’s rigorous training standards assure your system will be installed correctly and operating at peak efficiency.

If you have an emergency, our staff is on hand ready to save the day! With Hutchinson, you are always in good hands! Think of us for all of your heater and AC service calls and routine maintenance. We are your local, reliable contractors. If a problem arises with your AC, heating system or when you need a plumber ASAP, we can provide service quickly and efficiently to fix the problem. We know the area and have proudly served you for seventy years. Thank you for being our customer, we strive to be the best in the business for you!