Is Going Green on Your Radar? If Not, Think Again

Ed Hutchinson, President, Hutchinson
If I had to take a wild guess, going green is probably not on your top 10 to-do list.

Rethink this! One big reason you’ll want to have “going green” on your radar is energy efficiency and renewable energy options are being bundled with attractive financing packages – a.k.a. major savings. Do I have your attention now? The trick is searching out the incentive rebates, understanding the tax breaks, and maximizing the financing options available that meet the needs of your business.

Keep these four points in mind to help your business take advantage of green technologies.

  1. Thumbs up for solar
    The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) “Solar Means Business” report shows that major commercial prices have fallen by 58% since 2012 and by 16% in the last year. The report also notes that S. corporations like Target, Walmart and Apple are going solar.

    Solar is good for mother nature, too. The amount of solar installed at U.S. corporations and businesses is enough to offset 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

  2. Energy efficiency is always in vogue
    Customers are feeling empowered and are more inclined to take control of their energy improvement choices. Enhanced equipment and a competitive marketplace are making this possible.
  3. Energy financing is hot
    Through our partnerships with a number of institutions including Constellation Energy, customers can take advantage of attractive financing packages that make it possible for them to make capital improvements to enhance the look and feel of their building – adding to the comfort of their tenants and employees; oftentimes with no “out of pocket” investment.
  4. Commodity procurement
    Many clients never stop to look at their utility bill; they assume they are getting the best deal from their local utility. Think again! We guide customers to programs to help them take advantage of energy efficiency technologies, and we direct them to gas and electric brokers that will decrease what they actually pay for their utilities.

    Case in point is one of our customers, Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon, which underwent exterior lighting and hot water upgrades. Now, they’re paying less for gas and electric and saving $1,000/month so far, with more savings expected. The savings on the commodity piece will help fund energy efficiency upgrades. Layer this with financing and solar… it’s a win-win.