Is Late Summer Too Early to Schedule a Check-up for Your Heater?

When it comes to scheduling a check-up or maintenance appointment, there are bad times and good times. When the heat index rises over 100 degrees, it’s a terrible time to schedule service for your heater. However, late summer is an excellent time to schedule your heater’s yearly check-up, and here are four reasons: Availability As […]

What Happens if You Neglect Your Heating and Cooling System’s Air Filter?

If you didn’t know, the longer you leave your heating, and/or cooling system’s air filter go unchecked (or just neglect to replace it) the more likely you will find yourself with a malfunctioning unit. In fact, if you leave it unchecked for months and months, your system might end up working so hard that it […]

Summer Is Not Too Early To Get Your Heating Unit Ready For Winter!

Although most people put off checking their heating unit until the fall, late summer is not too early to start scheduling tune-ups and needed annual maintenance. In fact, if you were to ask any heating company they would probably say “the sooner, the better!” Plus, if you put off getting your heating unit serviced too […]