Health and Safety First

As you are well aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting our great nation in an unprecedented way. At Hutchinson, we want employees, customers and fellow community members to know that your health and safety is our top priority.

We also want you to know that we are aligned with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the importance of taking preventative steps to protect the overall health and safety of the communities we serve and are proactively keeping up with the changing situation. You can visit the CDC website to learn more:

We want you to be aware of the following:

  • We are open for business and prepared to serve you
  • If you have an emergency, please call 1-888-927-3130
  • We will not charge a fee to reschedule an appointment

Measures we’re taking to protect our customers and employees:

  • Disinfectant wipes will be used on truck steering wheels, door handles, and tools, as well as on surfaces inside the home that must be touched to complete the work.
  • Technicians will maintain the CDC’s recommended social distance. No handshaking.
  • Fresh shoe covers and protective gloves will be worn inside your home or business.
  • Technicians will keep a safe distance from anyone in your home or business and can communicate via mobile device at the customer’s request.
  • Employees will wash their hands frequently with soap and water and use hand sanitizer.
  • Our employees are trained to self-evaluate their individual health status and report to work only if they meet are stringent requirements.

Ways to improve indoor air quality:

  • Keep humidity levels below 50 percent to help prevent mold growth
  • Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum
  • Replace air filters at least twice a year and consider high-efficiency particulate air filters
  • Clean air ducts every three to five years
  • Keep windows closed
  • Don’t use fans because they can stir up dust
  • Wipe surfaces weekly with a damp cloth

Consider a whole-house air purifier. A purifier can be added to your heating and air conditioning system to capture particles as they pass through your ductwork to create cleaner air.