What to Know to Prepare Your Home for Fall Allergies

Although springtime is often the peak season for allergies, autumn comes with its fair share of allergy triggers. As a leading AC repair company that serves Philadelphia, we help people to combat allergies by maintaining and installing AC systems and their filtration systems.

If you weren’t aware, ragweed pollinates during the fall months and it can travel for hundreds of miles through the air. Piles of leaves, corn mazes, and jack-o’-lanterns can also carry mold. As summer temperatures carry over into the fall, humidity can even cause the release of mold spores. To combat these allergy triggers, consider some of the following tips below.

Replace Furnace and AC System Filters

It’s recommended that these filters be changed at least once every three months (or more) to ensure that dust particles are filtered out of the air properly. New filters will also help these appliances run more efficiently, thus helping homeowners save money on their energy bills. If somebody in your home suffers from bad allergies, checking and changing the filters should be high on your list of home maintenance priorities.

Invest in a Vacuum with a HEPA Filter

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters help to remove a lot of particles in the air that are .3 microns and larger, which is roughly the size of a speck of cornstarch. These filters will catch particles such as mold, bacteria, pollen, and fungi that most standard vacuums leave behind. If it’s time to upgrade your vacuum, make sure it uses a HEPA filter and change the filter every six to twelve months.

Stop Dusting

When cleaning surfaces, tools such as feather dusters can send more particles into the air. Instead of using them, wipe all surfaces down with a damp cloth to capture all the dust instead. If you use cleaning agents, pure, non-toxic solutions such as vinegar and water are much safer than chemical-based alternatives. Products that are filled with chemicals can aggravate allergies.

Close the Windows

If you’re allergic to pollen, you should minimize all the ways that pollen could make its way into your home. For this reason, we recommend keeping windows closed and changing your clothes when you arrive home to reduce the pollen count in the building. Also, be careful when hanging clothes outside to dry, as ragweed and pollen can stick to them.

For more information on how you can keep your air clean during the fall season, please reach out to Hutchinson, your go-to air conditioning repair company in Gloucester!