Sewage Coming Up Through Your Bathtub? Here are a Few Things to Do

Most people don’t expect to see sewage coming up via their bathtub drains. However, this preventable issue can signal a severe problem with your sewer line. As a reputable plumber in Maple Shade, we’ve detailed a few things you can do once you see sewage coming up through your bathtub.

Switch off the Water

As soon as you can see or smell sewage in your bathroom, turn off the main water supply. Ideally, you want to avoid extra water flowing into the areas that have started to back up. You should be able to locate the main water shutoff valve in your basement. Also, if your property has an outdoor sewer cleanout line, taking the cap off his will release pressure in the line and help to force sewage backup down the drain.

Check Vent Pipes

Blocked vent pipes prevent sewer lines from draining efficiently. Head onto your roof and have a look for the vent pipe, which is typically located above your bathroom. Use a torch to see if anything is clocking the pipe and remove any obstructions using a retrieval tool.

Use a Drain Snake

Drain snakes are essential when it comes to cleaning out clogs from sewer lines. By feeding a toilet drain snake down the toilet and spinning it clockwise as it travels down, you can loosen up any debris that it encounters on its journey. Twist counterclockwise as you remove the snake to give the area a double clean.

After the toilet is snaked, remove the screws from the shower and tub drain using the same technique. If this cleaning method is a success, you should have eradicated all blockages using the snake, and your drains should return to standard working capacity.

Seek Professional Help

If the drains in your bathroom remain clogged after using each of these cleaning strategies, then the problem needs professional attention. Our team at Hutchinson will send out fully trained plumbing technicians that are equipped to investigate and solve any drain blockages.

For more information, or to schedule plumbing and HVAC services in Maple Shade, please don’t hesitate to contact us.