How to Detect if Mold is in Your HVAC System

Unfortunately, mold is a common problem when it comes to home HVAC equipment. As a leading provider of local HVAC services in Cookstown and nearby towns, we want to educate homeowners about the familiar sources of HVAC mold and how to remove it from their systems when necessary.

HVAC System Mold: Common Sources

AC units can accumulate mold as a result of regular everyday use. The primary sources of this mold are drain pans that hold standing water for prolonged periods. Additionally, pipes can harbor mold as they hold water in their curves and bends after the unit operates. One telltale sign of mold growing inside an AC unit is mold appearing on the inside of the neighboring air ducts.

The Problem with Mold

Although visible mold is relatively easy to spot, removing it will fail to fix the problem with your AC unit. The source of the mold must be treated in conjunction with the mold removal to prevent this material from resurfacing at a later date. Look for flaws in your unit and water leaks to help determine the source of the mold. Once the problem has been located, we recommend calling a professional to seek guidance on AC or HVAC cleaning or repairs.

Seek Qualified Services

With HVAC mold contamination being a common complaint for homeowners, working with a qualified professional is crucial for total mold eradication. Many cleaning services will be competent in removing mold from HVAC systems. However, only experienced professionals will be skilled enough to identify and repair the source of the problem. By vetting your provider accordingly, you can help to avoid recurring maintenance costs, while guaranteeing your family’s safety.

Give Your System a Detailed Look for Mold

Conditions inside your HVAC system are ideal for mold cultivation. To avoid the occurrence of this issue, we recommend that you examine the condensate drain for clogs at regular intervals. If the drain blocks, standing water will develop bacteria, which can turn into mold. Once all mold is removed from the system, the ducts must be cleaned regularly to ensure that it does not return.

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