5 Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain issues can be caused by problems such as a rusting pipe becoming clogged or hard water mineral-deposit in your drain. More common problems are wads of hair and soap from the shower drain or food from the kitchen garbage disposal.

Many homeowners are tempted to buy the drain cleaner they see in commercials as a quick fix, but you can’t always depend on those chemicals to be effective. Homeowners who notice one of the five following signs listed below are encouraged to schedule a professional drain cleaning service from a company like Hutchinson, the leading drain cleaning company in Philadelphia.

Slow Draining Fixtures in Kitchen or Bathroom

If you find water pooling around your feet when you shower or water is sticking around after you wash the dishes, there is likely an obstruction in that drain. In most cases, pipe blockages leave debris and residue which can only be removed by a professional drain cleaner.

Localized Foul Odor

If you have a distinct, pungent smell coming from your drains, this is typically caused by a buildup of food, grease, or other stinky, organic materials in the pipes.

Gurgling Sounds Coming From Drains

This is also what plumbers call “backflow.” If you hear these noises paired with slow-draining, this can be an indication of air in the drains. This is undoubtedly a need for drain cleaning services, so homeowners must consider calling a professional for help ASAP.

Pesky Flies

Some people who believe they have fruit flies may be battling with drain flies. These pests develop and breed in moist places, including your slow or clogged drain. Fruit flies can also develop and breed in drains, especially if there is a clog caused by fruit or food.

Low Water Pressure

If there is a detectable decrease in water pressure that affects only one appliance, that is most likely where the clog is present. This may be because of a natural buildup, such as hard water minerals.

If you’re seeking a drain cleaning company in Gloucester, you can trust Hutchinson with all of your residential plumbing needs. Our professionals will be able to detect what is causing your clog, whether it be a blockage or a cracked or collapsed pipe. Call to speak with one of our representatives at 866-953-8728 or fill out the contact form on our website.