Benefits of Scheduling a Professional Duct Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your ducts? Have you ever? If a home is like a body, then your heating and air conditioning ducts are its lungs. But, what are you breathing in? Your heating and air conditioning systems will circulate the air in your home 5-7 times per day, and while your air filter may collect many […]

Hutchinson Plumbing: 1948 – 2016, From the Beginning, 60+ Years of History

The founding of Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling began in 1948 with the return from World War II of brothers, George II and Bill Hutchinson. Together, with their father George I, they sought out to start a business and find their fortune: the “American Dream.” Given their father’s experience as a pipe fitter at New York Shipbuilding […]

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Acknowledges “Expertly Better” Technicians!

Any company can “promise” high-quality work and “guarantee” satisfaction, but it takes a special organization to consistently deliver upon those promises and guarantees. Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling has challenged local homeowners to discover what it means to be an “Expertly Better” air conditioning service company in Cape May County or Burlington County.  We at Hutchinson would like to introduce […]

Is Late Summer Too Early to Schedule a Check-up for Your Heater?

When it comes to scheduling a check-up or maintenance appointment, there are bad times and good times. When the heat index rises over 100 degrees, it’s a terrible time to schedule service for your heater. However, late summer is an excellent time to schedule your heater’s yearly check-up, and here are four reasons: Availability As […]

What is the Best Temperature Setting for Your Air Conditioner?

A question we get a lot from our customers is “What is the best temperature setting for my air conditioner?” We know that you don’t want to set it too high so that you’re still sweating, but we also know you don’t want to set it so low that your energy bills will be astronomical. So, […]

Common Summer Plumbing Issues and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

When you think of all the problems you might face this summer, plumbing issues might be at the bottom of your list. While it may not seem like it, homeowners can see a lot of plumbing problems during the hottest months of the year. Here are a few of the most common, and what you […]

How to Help Keep Your Air Conditioning Energy Costs Low

As the temperature rises, you might find it difficult to turn off your air conditioning unit and thus save precious money on your energy bills. However, there is hope, and you don’t have to turn off your system just to see a decrease in your monthly bill! In fact, if you’re looking to keep your air […]

3 Signs That it is Time to Change Your AC Unit’s Air Filter

When is the last time you changed your AC system’s air filter? Have you ever changed it? As a company that offers air conditioning repairs throughout South Jersey, we at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating and Cooling know all too well how many busy homeowners might overlook something such as changing their air filters. However, keeping an eye […]