Why You Should Have an Energy Audit This Summer
Why You Should Have an Energy Audit This Summer

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Why You Should Have an Energy Audit This Summer


After months of dreary weather, summer is finally here with warm days, birds singing, and plants in bloom. It’s the time of the year that many homeowners will spend their time and effort on improving their home’s aesthetics: upgrading the exterior with fresh coats of paint, new flowers, and a fresh lawn. However, this is actually the perfect time of year to consider making upgrades that will improve the efficiency and durability of your home. In fact, here are a few “Expertly Better” reasons why the summer is the perfect time to schedule your home’s energy audit!

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The issue that plagues almost every home in New Jersey during the summer is “My second floor is too hot!” Rather than being caused by one single issue, this temperature difference is often caused by a number of failures in home sealing, insulation, ductwork, and air conditioner design.  A home energy audit done in your New Jersey home can identify all of the issues plaguing it, as well as create a detailed plan to quickly remedy the issue and, finally, cool your home’s second floor. These upgrades can also help lower the humidity in your home and remove any additional hot/cold spots.

Energy Efficiency & Unit Longevity

A home energy audit can show homeowners how, with a few simple changes, they can save 5-30% off of their yearly utility bill. When you consider how much you spend to cool your home every month, why wait? Additionally, these easy upgrades can save enough money to pay for other upgrades in your home!

By making a few upgrades to your home’s insulation and reducing leaks in your home, you will reduce the amount of cooling your air conditioner needs to produce to keep you cool.  By lowering the amount of work the air conditioner has to perform you can increase how long your air conditioner WILL perform.

Air Quality and Health & Safety

Dust, mold, mildew, humidity, and temperature differences can lead to number of health issues which can cause everything from allergies and asthma, to more serious health and respiratory issues. A qualified Inspector can detect such issues, and create a remediation plan to ensure that your family enjoys a healthy summer.

Peace of Mind

Remember: prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. While a few of the projects on your “Summer To-Do List” may hope to address a few of the problems you are experiencing, scheduling an energy audit for our NJ home will help you to understand the causes of the problems. This will allow for more effective, long-term solutions to the problems you are experiencing. Completing the job right, the first time, is just one part of what makes Hutchinson HVAC “Expertly Better!”