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Are Energy Star Appliances Worth It?

As old appliances die, you can replace them with Energy Star rated appliances, which can help reduce your family’s greenhouse gas emissions and save you money. If you would like to find out how much energy your old appliances are wasting, schedule an energy audit for your home in Bucks


Is UV Treatment Effective at Eliminating Viruses?

UV lights can kill many kinds of germs and viruses. Ultraviolet light has more energy than visible light and radio waves but less energy than gamma rays or X-rays. The sun emits UV radiation, and other sources include man-made instruments such as UV lights and tanning beds. Research supports the


When Should I Get a Home Energy Audit?

If you want to determine your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, a home energy audit can help. A home energy assessment can identify the causes of energy loss in your system that results in huge energy bills. It also provides you with techniques and improvements to mitigate the losses and lower


How Do I Know It’s Time to Upgrade My Hot Water Heater?

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a hot, steamy shower, and two minutes later, getting hit with a blast of cold water! If you’re having difficulties getting enough hot water for your household’s needs, or if you’re constantly making service calls for your water heater, then it may be time


Why is My Toilet Not Flushing?

A toilet may stop flushing due to a variety of reasons. Understanding the source of the problem isn’t always easy for most people. Reaching out to emergency plumbers in South Jersey is always a great way to fix a toilet while saving you a lot of stress and frustration.

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Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Your Home?

Many people falsely believe that ceiling fans help keep a home cool and comfortable while away. However, a ceiling fan actually adds heat to a room due to its electric motor. On the other hand, a ceiling fan will help keep you cool if you are in the room, but

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The Top Reasons to Have an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Keeping your HVAC system working at an optimal level is key in saving you money while also ensuring you stay comfortable throughout any season. The typical lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 to 20 years before you need to consider making a replacement. However, signing up for a

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Can Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Plumbing?

Clogged drains can be more than a hassle. Left unresolved, they can lead to widespread water damage in your home and that’s why it’s important to address slow-running drains before the problem gets out of hand. There are dozens of chemical drain cleaners available at your local grocer, hardware store,


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